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Welcome to the voyage of a New Who fan through Classic territory, 140 steps at a time...

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Halt! State your name, rank, and intention.
Umm...Hannah J. Rothman, sometimes called The Rothwoman...umm...Whovian...fun! Hello, all! Welcome to my weird little pet project. The great isle across the pond has taken over my mind in the past few years, I'm afraid. I guess this all started when I decided to start following Stephen Fry on Twitter, which led to me following other friends. Then one of my UK friends started doing a live Twitter commentary on The End of Time Part 2 and some part of my brain said "hey! This looks like a fun idea." The rest is history.

Sorry sorry, let me back up just a little bit and explain properly. I'm Hannah, a college graduate and New Whovian. By "New," I mean "I've really only been watching the show since late August 2009." I'm also someone who enjoys appreciating old-school stuff, and also commenting on and noticing weird patterns in things. When my friends and I had finished season 3 of New Who, I thought "hey! Why don't you check out Netflix and see if they have any Classic Who on Instant Watch so you can sample some of the old-school stuff?" So I did, and lo and behold I found myself with taster spoons from each of the first seven Doctors. Then I thought "hey! Why don't you do a running Twitter commentary to record your reactions?" So I did, and it was actually quite fun! After a few serials, it became a habit. Then I started organizing and archiving the Tweets on my personal LJ for safe keeping. But then I thought "hey! If you're going to keep this up, why not just give the commentaries their own blog instead of just a Tag on your own LJ? Should be fun." So, after weeks of mulling it over, I figured "what the heck?" And now here we are.

No, seriously, who are you.
*pulls off mask* Oh hey guys! princesshannah4 here. You might've seen me pop up on ihasatardis once upon a time.

So, who's Your Doctor and companion, anyway?
David Tennant is My Doctor and, quite frankly, I like all the companions to various extents (yes, even Adric. My soft spot for him is actually more like a rabbit farm), but I'd have to say my favorite New Who companion is Donna and my favorite Classic companion is Romana, with Jamie, Leela, and Ace forming a three-way toss-up for runner-ups.

Why are you watching the serials out of order?

I started with what Netflix Instant Watch provided me, about 20-ish serials, and am currently working my way up from the beginning.

Do these commentaries contain spoilers/profanity?
Sometimes. Spoilers are basically inevitable, but I'll try to keep the language to at least a PG-13 level. Sometimes I drop a few more f-bombs than necessary.

Are you ACTUALLY going to do this for the entire series?
I certainly hope so!

Why are some of your earlier commentaries incomplete?
Because those were done before I made a habit of keeping Twitter on-hand in a separate tab EVERY time I sat down to some Classic Who. They will be made complete or re-done in the published versions.

Why do you have New Who stuff in your Interests if this is a Classic Who blog?
Broadening the spectrum, attracting New Who fans, pretty much.

Annoying ads are annoying
I need the space for the icons...

Can I friend you? :D
By all means!

IT'S DOCTOR WHO! Why can't you just sit back and enjoy it instead of Tweeting everything?
Believe me, I've asked myself that same question many times. I dunno. I'm a creature of habit (it comes with the Asperger's) and I've gone too far to stop now...