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Death to the Daleks

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Death to the Daleks

A refugee fleeing in an acid swamp desert and getting axed by an arrow. Cutting right to the chase, are we?

(We're literally only a minute in)

Hello Three! Don't think I've heard your delightful singing voice in a while.

That's quite an impressively colorful inflated waterfowl you guys've got there. Off to a day at the beach?

The TARDIS doesn't sound too healthy. Waiting for something about the mercury fluid links any second now...

Or maybe not. Although apparently the lights in the TARDIS were keeping everyone's voices from echoing this whole time.

"Hooray for old-fashioned oil!" Ah, the power of analog lighting.

Mysterious new planet! Let's take a look around...Sarah Jane, you might want to put on something warmer than a swimsuit.

Atta girl. Three...Three is this really the best time to be wandering off? Usually that's your companions' job.

Those beings in cloaks are decidedly less glam than the ones from the last Dalek story.

Also it looks like they weren't stone after all.

Easy escape for Three. Good thing he doesn't have to deal with guns. Yet.

No Sarah Jane, don't go to the light! ...wait...wow, actually yes please go to that light.

Meanwhile, back in The Quarry...

Ah, finally other people! This was turning into a surprisingly dialogue-lite story for a bit.

It's The Future And We Have Archers!

"Are you from Earth?"
"...In a roundabout sort of way, yes."

Forbidden City? ...oh, maybe going towards the light wasn't such a good idea after all.

Certain death? Somehow I think it'll take more than Death by Smothering to keep Sarah Jane down.

Oh. I was ready for the Rare Substance of the Week to be something used for deadly weapons or Mad Science.

"I think we can safely assume that no help is coming. So! Might I make a suggest..."

Hey there did someone order a shipment of DALEKS?

"TO-TAL EX-TER-MIN-A-TION. FI-RE. FIRE!" Huh. Good thing their guns seem to've taken the day off.

"Well well well. Daleks without the power to kill. How does it feel?"

Considering Pertwee apparently wasn't too fond of the Daleks, this scene must've been rather satisfying.

Meanwhile back at the sacrifice chamber, or I'm Surprised This Wasn't The Cliffhanger...

Collaborating with Daleks? This'll be interesting.

...Okay, how is it only JUST occurring to me that they're fighting with archery because their guns won't work in the power outage?

Well, this is certainly a very different kind of shootout from what we're used to seeing on Doctor Who.

Aaaaand boom goes the Dalek.

(Although you'll forgive me for not quite understanding how getting hit with sticks repeatedly causes a Dalek to explode.)

Lucky for Sarah Jane this ceremony is taking so long.

Ah, never mind. Three to the rescue!

Really though, Daleks being de-powered and turning to diplomacy is REALLY satisfying to watch.

Aaaaand of course I say that RIGHT before they finish their improvised weaponry.

Daleks to the res...cue...?

"I think they expect that sacrifice to be completed by something else. Something that lives down this tunnel." Minotaur time?

Actually no, it's Zombie Exxilon time.

So is it just me, or does that tentacle creature kind of look like the aliens from the original War of the Worlds?

Oh hey, the Exxilon zombie is friendly! And he can speak!

"That way leads to death!" Well that's inconvenient.

Hey Mr. Tentacle, think you can blow up that Dalek for us? K thanks.

Ah, Three and Sarah Jane reunited at last. "The root: 1. Dalek: nil."

Worshiping a city as a god? Huh, that's new.

They sure seem to be blowing up a lot of Daleks in this story, don't they?

"I saw them too, Doctor. Do they mean anything to you?" Those markings do look weirdly familiar...

"You see, I've seen them before."
"Seen them before? Where?"
"On the walls of a temple in Peru."
"Oh, that's impossible!"
"That's what they said about the Peruvian temple as well."
#imnotsayingitwasaliens #butitwasaliens

The Incredible Disappearing Doctor and His Exxilon Friend

First stop: Skeleton Exhibition. Next stop: Maze.

Whew, for a minute I thought they were going to have to navigate through an *actual* maze.

Hold up, that pattern on the floor looks familiar...is this...?

Yup, the infamous Worst Cliffhanger.

Look out, Three! It's A PATTERN!

The rules of Venusian Hopscotch appear to be "step on the white panels, not the red."

"Was that really necessary, Doctor?" Don't worry, we were all wondering the same thing.

...Oh. Yeah, I guess that was necessary.

I sense more impending exploding Daleks.

Or not. I guess the Cybermen from The Five Doctors could've learned a thing or two from these Daleks.

Sudden Betrayal Wall!

*insert Blinded By the Light joke here*

Well, now we've had several glimpses of the Exxilon Behind the Curtain. Maybe this whole city-god thing was rigged by one guy after all?

"Now what?"
"Well, if I'm right, the ultimate test will be an assault on our sanity." Uh oh...

Oh god, this is a bit more than an "assault on sanity," this is a "give the entire audience one big seizure."

(Seriously though, this episode needs an epilepsy warning.)

Did...did the Exxilon Behind the Curtain just disintegrate for no apparent reason?

"Our entrance must have created a current of air which broke the surface tension." Ah. Thank you, Three.


I think this is the first time I've seen a Dalek have an all-out panic attack because of an escaped prisoner.

Three Three THREE TURN AROUND too late.

Oh. I guess the easy way to defeat a Dalek is to A) be immune to their makeshift guns and B) punch them.

Centuries in the future and we'll still have Rolex watches in space.

Four minutes left...somehow I doubt this Dalek capture will last very long.

Come on, Galloway, time to prove you weren't a power-hungry coward this whole time.

Godspeed, sir. You did the right thing.

And down goes the city...with what sounds like the desperate wails of all those Exxilons inside...

"It's rather a pity, in a way. Now the universe is down to 699 wonders."

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Jay McIntyre
Aug. 15th, 2014 05:28 am (UTC)
Glad you're still posting these here
As well as on tumblr.

Bliiiiiiiiiinded by the Light.....