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Allo allo! So I actually returned from Chicago TARDIS exactly two weeks ago, but I've been recounting my escapades over on Tumblr since I got back. Now that it's pretty much finished, and partly to make up for my lack of reporting on it last year, here's the whole shebang for your reading pleasure. Also, each section includes the art I brought for people to sign (yeah, ignore the fact that the account is called PrincessHannah, I was in middle school when I signed up). Enjoy!

(Also, my next commentary will be Frontier in Space. I already have the disk, I just need to take care of a special rewatch first.)

Part 1: A Story of Fandom (and Colin Baker)Collapse )

Part 2: I Know It's Wrong to Put People on Pedestals but Holy Shit We Are Not Worthy of Such a Cast of Superheroes: A Story of the Friday Night Pre-Clusterfuck that Somehow Worked Itself OutCollapse )

Part 3: How I Lost a Bit of Faith in Fandom But Gained Faith in My Own Sense of Charity. Also, Peter Davison.Collapse )

Part 4: Thanking Freema Agyeman, Hugging Paul McGann, and That One Time Daphne Ashbrook Saved a Girl by Punching Things: A Three-Part Tale of Awesome PeopleCollapse )

The Twelfth Doctor

Yeah, I live-blogged the announcement today. I had my laptop with me next to the TV so I figured what the hell. My mom was probably raising her eyebrow behind my back that I was going back and forth from the TV to Twitter every few seconds. But anyway, here, have a little snapshot of Baby's First Doctor Announcement. :)

Spoiler: I love who they choseCollapse )
*smooths out diploma* *dusts off gown*

Hi guys. Look what I got.
Photo on 2013-05-13 at 13.20

And that's why my hiatus went on for so long. You'd think I had to devote a lot of time to writing an entire senior thesis or something.


Curse of Peladon arrived from Netflix yesterday, so that'll be next on the agenda. Once I get things up and running again I'll have some more exciting announcements for everyone. Maybe I'll even backtrack to November and make a Chicago TARDIS post (again, I apologize for bringing that up and then leaving you all hanging.) At the very least, I'd like to post photos.

Long story short: I had a great time, although I'm not entirely sure LobbyCon is quite my thing. Then again, it was my first time there and I was still getting to know people.

In the meantime...*cracks knuckles*

*readies Twitter*

Chicago TARDIS

Hello again! Goodness, it's been a while.

So, I have some exciting news: in a few days I'm going to be attending the legendary Chicago TARDIS convention for the first time...and I won't be just any attendee. About a year ago, I received a message from Robert Smith? (who some of you may know as a published Doctor Who fan writer) talking about a collection of "alternative reviews" of Classic Who that he was putting together and if he could use my Macra Terror commentary for it. I said sure, and now the book "Outside In" is ready for launch at this year's Chicago TARDIS!

I'll be on the Outside In panel in Grand Ballroom E-F on Saturday at 11AM, as well as the first round of Outside In signing panels in Junior Ballroom B-C on Friday at noon (although why anyone would want my autograph is beyond me.)

Feel free to come over and say hi! And I may even do Curse of Peladon in the meantime.

RIP Mary Tamm

I'm so sorry this is a day late, things happened here and there.

Mary Tamm was not someone I was expecting us to lose anytime soon, but apparently I was wrong. It's been over two years now since I first started doing my commentaries and was pleased to see that I had an entire season of Tom Baker serials to look forward to, and it even covered a story arc. Thus did Romana I become the first companion whose tenure I completed in its entirety (unless you count the beginning of Destiny of the Daleks, which is where I'll make my dedication when I watch it.) I enjoyed her a lot. She was a fantastic mixture of sass, style, and brains, and Romana has always been one of my favorite companions. If I remember right, Mary was at a signing somewhere while I was in England that I elected not to go to. If I'd known that would be my only chance to meet her, I probably would have made more of an effect to work out a travel plan. Either way, she will be missed.

Romana I
RIP Mary Tamm
22 March 1950 – 26 July 2012

RIP Caroline John

I know I've been a bit neglectful of the blog lately, but things like this can't be passed over.

Liz Shaw, though a short-lived companion, was a particular favorite of mine. I loved her independent attitude, her brains, and her mentality of always needing to keep moving. If the Doctor was captured, she'd continue his work. If she was captured, she'd work out a plan of action instead of just waiting to be rescued. She was a strong woman with admirable abilities and it's a shame she's been so overshadowed by her two (still rather excellent) successors. Caroline, you will be missed.

RIP Caroline John